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Often quite erroneous assumptions are made about a blockage. The myth of the necessary daily bowel movement sticks in many minds, and often leads to overuse of laxatives. Normal bowel movement is called when one discharges between 3 times daily up to 3 times a week. One could only speak from constipation when the stool frequency falls below 2 movements a week. There is a transport disorder and a discharge disorder (so-called proctogenic constipation when the stool frequency falls below 2 movements ODS). In delayed intestinal transit (slow transit constipation), the cause is usually unknown. Disorders of the intestinal wall nerves are in discussion. This type of constipation also occurs with neurological diseases such as Morbus Parkinson, in the context of diabetes and after paraplegia. A therapeutically method is an instruction of a sensible lifestyle that includes a sufficient slag-rich diet and adequate liquid intake. When the supply of fiber is not sufficient, the intake of source materials (linseed, psyllium husks, wheat bran), and maybe the use of laxatives is indicated. Rectal emptying disorder (ODS ): Due to it emptying is disturbed owing to proctologic diseases. Various diseases play a role as anal fissures, advanced haemorrhoids, anal constriction (anal stenosis), rectocel, pelvic floor prolapse, rectal prolapse. In this case, a consultation is appropriate in the sense to regulate the stool into well-formed one. Furthermore, helpful are rectal relieving aids such as enemas and carbon dioxide-releasing suppositories ( Lecicarbon suppositories).

Travel constipation

This form of constipation can be a consequence of a change of diet and environment on a trip. The body is not familiar with the new situation and reacts with a blockage. A role plays unfamiliar food and spices, dehydration due to high temperatures and dry air, time conversion dates in long-distance travel and an unusual daily routine.