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Skin tag

What are Anal Skin Tags?

Anal skin tags are harmless nodular skin folds which develop on the anal rim by many persons (woman already at the age of 20 and men at the age of 40). They can appear single or also numerous and sometimes in form of a ring.. They are mostly of soft texture but they can change into hard lumps. Sometime they reach the size of a lens or even a chestnut. Mariscs are no haemorrhoids!.

What are the causes?

The causes of anal skin tags are mainly unknown. Sometimes they are the result of proctological diseases (e.g. anal fissures, anal fistulas of a Morbus Crohn), or the result of surgical interventions (haemorrhoid- or thrombosis surgery) Two thirds of all human beings get anal skin tags during their lifetime.

Who gets more often anal skin tags ?

Remarkably oft anal skin tags develop during pregnancy and during or after childbirth.

Which complaints cause anal skin tags ?

Anal skin tags are mainly a cosmetic or hygienic problem and causes very rarely complaints. Occasionally, they could inflame which can lead to itching, burning, moistening as well as blood smearing on toilet paper or in washes.

How can a doctor diagnose anal skin tags ?

Anal skin tags can be diagnosed on the external anal region.

Should anal skin tags to be dealt with?

A treatment of anal skin tags is needed very rarely. A careful, gentle anal hygiene is recommended; best is the use of clear water and finally tenderly drying.


Treatment is usually not required. In case of complaints, a short-term application of soft zinc paste may provide relief exist complaints still further a proctology examination should be performed. Rarely skin tags need to be removed surgically