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Dear patient,

We try to treat acute symptoms of illness in our practice in a timely manner. However, this is only possible in consideration of our scheduled treatments. We ask you to register by telephone to avoid unnecessary waiting times. For a better preliminary classification of your complaints, we will try to give you a few indications.

  • If you have sudden (as if overnight) pain in the rectal area and a palpable lump, anal vein thrombosis is likely.
  • If you have sudden cutting pains during defecation due to constipation, an anal fissure is likely. There is often accompanying bleeding.
  • If you have increasing pain over a period of days, which makes sitting difficult, and possibly fever or an increasing feeling of illness, a perianal abscess is likely.
  • If you have noticed light-coloured blood and little or no pain during defecation, haemorrhoidal bleeding is likely.

Especially if you experience sudden pain, we will make every effort to treat you promptly.

We know that a visit to us is often accompanied by uncertainty, fear and shame and can assure you that you will be treated very gently (with surface anaesthesia) and respectfully. 90 % of all proctological cases can be treated well without surgery and with few side effects. Almost all patients are positively surprised after the examination and, if necessary, treatment.

Do not be unnecessarily afraid!

Tel.: 030/ 884 89 90