Dear Patient,

We try to treat acute symptoms timely in our practice. However, this is only taking into account our planned treatments. We ask for registration by telephone in order to avoid unnecessary waiting. For better provisional classification of your complaints, we try to give a few pointers.
When all of the sudden occur (such as overnight) pain in the intestinal area and a knot is tested it is very likely a Analvenenthrombosis

Have you as part of a blockage in the bowels suddenly a cutting pain an anal fissure is likely. Often an accompanying hemorrhage is present

In particular, in case of sudden pain, we will strive to treat you immediately
Do you have daily increasing pain which making it difficult to sit and possibly fever or a growing feeling of illness it is likely a perianal abscess

Have you noticed bright blood at defecation rather little or no pain it is very likely a haemorrhoidal haemorrhage

We know that a visit to us is often accompanied by uncertainty, fear and shame but we can assure you that you will be treated very gently (with surface anesthesia) and respectful. 90% of all proctologic disease cases can be successfully treated with low side effects and without surgery. Almost all patients are pleasantly surprised by the inspection and possible treatment.

Have no unnecessary fear!